I have chosen my training topics from my own observations during the last years. I have decided to go with Competence On Top for my education because of their sustainable training methods and good reputation after winning several independent performing tests. Providing high transfer to daily business and creating a good working atmosphere are my main ambitions during all trainings. Nevertheless the trainings will only be successful  by reaching participants' goals - what I am responsible for.


Human being in the center of leadership

This two-day training will take you on a journey with a virtual company that shows an extraordinary success - mainly caused by extreme performance and motivation of the company's employees. I will give you well working approaches to make your people successful - without using a big time and money budget.

audience: manager, HR

classification: HR development

Best onboarding-process for employee retention

In this one-day training you will learn how to make your new employee a fully appreciated member of the team, right from the start. I have received a lot of positive feedback from my former companies for this approved process.

audience: manager, HR

classification: process development

Key account management in automotive industry

Within two days I share my process and background knowledge from 20 years of experience with several German, some French, Japanese, US and Chinese OEMs and a couple of Tier1-supplier companies. The origin of my approach is based on my thesis "Introduction of Key Account Management at a midsize Automotive Tier1-company", that has been successfully implemented by myself - completed by latest key account management findings and best-in-class customer service rules.

audience: sales people in automotive business

classification: HR development

Introduction in automotive industry

This one-day training will provide all useful and necessary features that are characteristic for Automotive industries. 

audience: new employees, former students from universities

classification: HR development

Digital Leadership in practice

Content will follow soon...