Why human in the focus of all activities?

After more or less perfect improvement of "ground" and "capital" as 2 of 3 production factors, "labour" still show some substantial room for upgrades. Particularly the different approach between "generation y/z" on the one hand and the "babyboomer"-generation on the other hand together with upcoming change of industries like automotive, digital transformation etc. will bring exciting challenges for all stakeholder. 

Digital transformation causes trouble in your staff?

Where does it start and how far will it go - you will not find much more topics in daily business, whose impact is still quite unclear. And there are not much things, where people have so many concerns than changes in their job environment. Current studies show, that high transparency and communication in "real time" can defuse the situation.  If then the team members will be involved in all solution findings, the fear of new things will fall. That reduces the risk of fluctuation and brings a "we-feeling" into the team, that attracts new talents to the company. Nobody should underestimate that the communication from company culture comes to social media within a very short time. External support can help the line manager with training-on-the-job for this sensitive task. Especially, when this support comes from experienced Interim Manager, that focus the situation from all perspectives including all links - without being involved and stressed by daily business but knowing that situation very well. 

The change in Automotive industry brings also for your company still some open questions?

The IAA in Frankfurt has shown, that the typical OEMs and supplier in the meanwhile provide only a small percentage out of the participated companies. But there were a lot of new ideas for the future of mobility.  And it is quite clear, that people will not reduce their desire to stay mobile. It is a privilege, that is also on the top of the requirements of all emerging markets. Of course we will see, which role the individual mobility will have, but untill "beaming" from spacecraft Enterprise will not work, mobility demand will increase. How can I get the resources besides protecting existing business to find some new business opportunities?  How can I involve the team? Perhaps this task is that complex, that experienced external manager should support to achieve different actions in parallel, that do not accept any further delay. 

Which USP does your company already have today, that helps in the new world of mobility and autonomous driving?

It has to be analyzed in which 3 areas of knowledge => product => application you can start to develop my strategy for further applications of mobility and enter new markets. At the same time existing business has to take care of with the same quality and motivation to build additional cash-flow. Exiting tasks, that can not accept any delays and put a lot of pressure in daily business to line manager. Also because these tasks are new challenges for some of the management team. 

Agilität, Scrum, New Work, VUCA-word etc. are famous now - but how can you implement which of them with real benefit for your company?

There are a lot of new tools, that should make decision processes faster - and pick up older (baby boomer) and younger staff (generation Y/Z) at the same time. In addition to that the approach of this younger generation for content and working flexibilität is changing at all. Besides the above mentioned changes in macro-area, also the micro-area for the stuff is changing - together with still becoming business more and more global. Also then it can be helpful to involve experienced manager for an interim period to evaluate and implement new tools. If process changes will be needed then, the professionell  change-manager is already "on board".